Customer dog file

Each of my salon customers gets their own customer file in paper form.


on  This will include all visits, important data (GDPR compliant) and noteworthy  points such as allergies,  intolerances,

Sensitivity,  Etc.  including booked services.

For every 10th visit, regular customers receive a 10% discount on the  complete care.


“Dogs come into our lives to stay. They don't go away when things get difficult, and even after the first rush has worn off, they still see us  always with that exact look in his eyes. They do this until their last breath. Maybe because from the start they see us for what we really are: flawed, imperfect human beings.

People who have nevertheless chosen exactly that. A dog makes a decision once for the rest of its life. He doesn't wonder if he really wants to grow old with us. He just does it. His love, once we have earned it, is absolute.”