Grooming to German care

Dog  Groomer - dog groomer

pet  Grooming like today too  is called,  includes:


pre-care counseling

First of all, your pet's coat and skin condition will be accurate  appraised. After that I can decide  Which  maintenance steps required  are. Of course, your personal wishes  also discussed, so that dog and owner leave the salon happy.



It  is done with pleasant  tempered water.  Natural, skin-friendly  Shampoos that are tailored to the pH value of the dog's skin.  My  Dog bathtub is a branded product, with non-slip bottom and  a ramp  that make it easier to get started  for big or too  older  Dogs. she  is  electric  height adjustable  and so relieved  Your darling and I work during the bath.  Every dog gets after the bath  a fresh one  Hand towel.


The blow dry

Two different devices are used here, both of which are professional salon hair dryers.  Don't worry, I have it  no hairdryer box!


The brushing  and  Comb

the  According to breed and coat condition, well-known ones come  brushes, combs and carding tools  for use. For every "problem", for every hair, there are special tools in the salon that make it possible to care for/unmatt the fur gently and painlessly. The more you brush and comb at home, the more comfortable it is  is the complete care in the salon for your dog.


The cutting and  scissors

He follows  species-appropriate and is carried out professionally, taking into account current breed standards and your wishes.  


The trimming of  hand

When trimming wire-haired breeds, dead top hair is removed to make room for new, regrowing hair.  With the right one  Technology and the right tool is the trimming for your  dog  not unpleasant and, as is often wrongly spread, does not do him any harm  sore! The aim is to have a rolling coat in order to ideally be able to hum every 6-8 weeks.


excess undercoat/carding

The undercoat is brushed out  This ensures that healthy air circulation can take place. This prevents the infestation of parasites, inflammatory diseases, etc.  Your darling sheds less and smells  afterwards too  more pleasant.


Eye/ear and claw care

Care of the intimate area

Impurities from the upper ear canals are eliminated. On the underside of the paws and between the  toes the hair is shortened,  any tangles removed. If necessary, the claws can be shortened on request.

The dog stays true to you in the storm, man not even in the wind!