Fur care and Co.

It is really very important to me that every dog and cat owner knows the needs of their four-legged companion and takes them seriously.

I've learned a lot from my training  valuable knowledge  acquired, which I put into practice with great pleasure. Whether big or small, dog and cat - everyone is welcome in my grooming salon!


My dog salon is barrier-free , accessible from the street at ground level!

Please make an appointment in advance so that I can allocate enough time to get to know you.

Beauty doesn't just come from within



Depending on the breed, the dog's fur must be of different intensity  long, well-groomed and  "being repaired. The easiest way is to get used to the dog grooming salon from a puppy onwards, so that  Her  little friend, me, the sounds of the hair dryer and clippers, the tools and standing at the table. It's all the easier for us  then in the future, all  carry out the necessary maintenance steps.

Just get in touch with me to make "getting to know appointments" for your puppy. These are free of charge and usually only last 15-20 minutes and are free of charge.

Claw/paw care

The dog walks on its paws all its life. You are exposed to many influences, therefore heard  you  given a great deal of attention.

Shortening claws, cutting out excess fur and checking again and again for foreign bodies are important to-dos in everyday life.


Whether there are no awns in the paws in the summertime.

Always check whether the salt and grit leave any bad marks in winter!

Let us give your darling's paws the attention they need in my salon.

Eye and ear care

Tear fluid and external influences leave their mark. With the appropriate, professional care, your fur child stays fit and healthy.

The ears should also be checked regularly for excessive hair growth, dirt, parasites and any inflammation.

For unclear  I will ask you to seek the advice of your trusted veterinarian.

Appointments for anxious dogs

If you own a dog that doesn't always get along so easily with its environment, has stress with grooming....  call me. I know that many dog owners don't dare to go outside to look after them, but with a lot of patience and calm I can do it  "almost everything.