price list -  information

Only after a thorough examination of your dog can I  create a binding price offer.

Depending on the coat or  Care condition, as well as the  desired  care service,  judge  itself duration and  Price.

for a better understanding of the care steps :  

  • remove undercoat -  carding or  Cutting/Shearing - Finish  = small care service (without bathing and blow-drying)

  • remove undercoat -  carding  - Bathing - blow-drying  - Cutting/Shearing - Finish  = complete care

  • Ear and claw care is in  service included



An appointment usually lasts, depending on the size and condition of the animal,

in approximately  1 to 2.5 hours.

At very strong  Matted dogs will incur an additional charge due to the  duration of care

(manual loosening/brushing out the felt,...)  as well as heavy use  my tool.

benchmarks  Complete care including bathing/blow-drying :

  • small dogs  - from 50 

  • medium-sized dogs -  from 60 

  • large dogs - from 70 

  • Cats and small animals on request

      *Prices include VAT .

Cash payment and card payment (bank card +  Credit cards) possible!

In the event of a flea infestation, you must pay a flat-rate fee of  Calculate 25 € because I have all my tools  and  Inventory must be cleaned separately.

Reasons why your visit to the hairdresser is cheaper than that of your dog:


- Your barber doesn't have to do your butt

- You don't go 8 weeks without washing your hair 

- Your barber doesn't have to clean your ears

- Your hairdresser doesn't have to get any dirt out of your eyes 

- You sit still at the hairdresser's

- Your haircut does not automatically include a manicure and pedicure

- You (hopefully) don't bite or scratch your barber!


but the most important reason:


The probability that you pee or make a pile during the visit to the hairdresser is very small ;-)