about me

I was born in 1973 and have  spent my entire life with our family dogs.


I became a dog person because of my mom, who let me grow up with our furry friends <3  

Breeds that are partly bred, such as the Great Dane,  Airedale terriers, giant schnauzers but also many poor, abused souls from animal welfare found a new forever home in our family.

Every dog has the right to species-appropriate nutrition, a nice warm spot on ;-) or next to the couch in a soft basket and of course that too  best  Fur claws/ears/eyes as well as dental care.

I have a desire for independence  now fulfilled

to mean me and your loved ones completely, but above all with  professional fur and body care.

I have completed training as a dog stylist/pet groomer according to FCI guidelines and passed the exam.

I now run my own salon with a lot of love and joy in order to be able to look after your darling in the best possible way.

Convince yourself and make an appointment.  

I look forward to seeing you and your loved one at 4  paws personal  to meet !


"A life without a dog is a mistake."


Carl Zuckmayer (1896–1977), writer

i operate  with a great passion for draft dog sport - see here - Scooterjöring in Salzburg

Cleanliness & hygiene

play a big role in my salon.  Each dog gets a fresh towel,  the  tools  and  work surfaces  are regularly disinfected cleaned!