Emmi-pet - dental health for your pet.

100% original ultrasound for a professional  Tooth cleaning in animals.

100% animal welfare compliance!

Gentle tooth cleaning for your animal - vibration and noiseless,  without brushing! The original ultrasound of the Emmi-pet penetrates up to  up to 12 mm deep into the gums and helps to relieve gingivitis,  Periodontitis, tartar formation and bad breath  to prevent
Use the large Emmi-pet ultrasonic attachment for the canines  and the big molars, the small ultrasonic attachment for the  incisors and the small molars. 

In contrast to other cleaning processes (macro cleaning – mechanical  Movements with 20,000 to 30,000 vibrations per minute) sets the new  Micro cleaning (max. 96,000,000 vibrations per minute) to a complete  others, "moving", almost  non-contact ultrasonic technology that  also, and this is an invaluable advantage, also in places in the oral cavity  cleans where no macro cleaning process can work, not even dental floss  or interdental brushes.  The ultrasonic waves penetrate into the smallest gaps. Without mechanical  pressure you clean effectively and sustainably teeth, interdental spaces,  Fissures and periodontal pockets. Ultrasonic toothbrushes (not to be confused  with the so-called "sonic brushes" which, according to conventional  cleaning procedures work, i.e. still "scrubbing" the teeth).  via modern electronics, the electrical energy from the rechargeable battery  (Battery is in the handpiece of the ultrasonic device) in terms of health  Harmless ultrasonic waves with a maximum of 96 million oscillations per  minute at. Via the ultrasonic attachment and through an ultrasonic toothpaste  as well as through the saliva, the inaudible vibrations on the  Teeth, gums, palate and also the tongue.  The ultrasound forms millions of microbubbles, which due to their  small size can penetrate into the smallest gaps. "implode" there  and remove impurities such as leftover food, tartar,  plaque,  Bacteria, etc. The ultrasonic movement transports the impurities  then outward.

T he benefits:

  • more than just "cosmetic care"

  • effective oral hygiene without brushing

  • without vibration

  • without disturbing noise

  • no pain when cleaning

  • Reduces plaque & inflammation

  • creates fresh breath - eliminates bad breath

  • works deep into the gums

  • destroys germs and bacteria

  • no anesthesia necessary!